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Bespoke mechanical parts


Our company applies a variety of processing and surface finishing techniques to metal, cast and plastic parts. We use sophisticated, tried-and-tested production processes to work materials such as metals and plastics to their desired shape. By performing professional turning, milling, drilling and sawing operations as well as drawing on the expertise of our employees, we provide our clients with tailored solutions and are even able to meet their most complex requirements.

Headquartered in Vörstetten, a town to the north of Freiburg, Germany, WATEC GmbH is the ideal partner for the metal and plastic processing needs of both local companies and clients based throughout Germany and beyond. Our energetic team develops, designs and produces metal, cast and plastic parts using state-of-the-art processes such as CNC technology. We use our comprehensive range of modern machinery to produce individual components and prototypes employing milling, turning, drilling and sawing processes and are also able to accommodate small and large-scale production runs.

In addition to ensuring all products are of a high quality, we focus on planning and manufacturing mechanical components as cost effectively as possible. 

Present us with a challenge and we’ll find the solution!



Reutener Str. 15
79279 Vörstetten

phone:    +49 (0) 76 66 - 88 01 46
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Automatic lathe for processing stainless steel